Use this page to search for entries in the Notification and/or Submissions files. Settings are remembered from one session to the next.
Cookies must be enabled on your browser for previous search data to be remembered.

Some Search Tips
  • The search is case-sensitive
  • If you specify Boolean "AND", all conditions must be met.
  • Do not use packed designations, e.g., enter 1999 CZ1, not J99C01Z.
  • Entries must match exactly in length and embedded spaces except
    for Submitter. The Observer entry must end with the value in the Submitter field.
    For example, Submitter = Smith will find records where the Observer is
    John Smith or Steve Coopersmith.
  • Only non-empty fields will be included in the search.
  • To search all records regardless of object or Observer, leave the first three
    fields empty and just select an option in the Look Back list.

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