Minor Planet Bulletin

For most amateurs, The Minor Planet Bulletin is the journal to which they should submit papers for publishing research results.

Authors Guide
Click here to download MPB Author's Guide PDF  (v.2.6: Updated 2016 Nov 25)

Please read this updated Guide since there are a number of changes from previous Guides.

Word Template for MPB Papers  (v.2.6: Updated 2016 Nov 25)
Click here to download MPB MS Word(c) templates
The ZIP file contains the Authors Guide PDF as well as a "starter" paper in Word 97 (DOT) and Word 2007 (DOTX).

These are Word template files. You can save them as DOC (or DOCX) and follow the instructions in the template.

If you have an existing paper or are starting from scratch, attach the template file to the DOC (or DOTX) file. This imports the MPB standard paragraph files. In either case, please use only the MPB paragraph styles, unless it is absolutely necessary to use a non-standard style.

Recent Issues (Free PDF Download)

Click here to download back issues of the MPB from 1994 to present. This page also includes links to download the MPB article template and author's guide.

For older versions, visit the NASA ADS Abstract Service.