LCDB: Summary Table Query

Welcome to the LCDB Table Query

The link below leads to a form where you can query the Lightcurve Database (LCDB).


The initial search is on the Summary table, where you can filter the results by definiting a range for semi-major axis, orbital eccentricity, and orbital inclination (a, e, i), family by name, diameter, rotation period, among others.


If one or more records are returned, you can select one at a time to view the entries tied to the selection object that appear the LCDB's Ambiguous, Binary, Spin Axis, Tumbling, and Color Index tables.

On the form, check the appropriate box for the filter(s) that you want to apply. If you check a box, be sure to set the filter parameters.


For security reasons, you cannot enter custom SQL statements directly.


While there are some validation checks, e.g., to make sure that the high value is a range is greater than the low value, there are still combinations that you can set that do not make sense. For examle, if you filter to look for tumblers and binaries, no records will be returned.


The filters are applied with a Boolean "AND", meaning that for a record to be found, ALL conditions must be TRUE.


All records that are marked "PRIVATE" in the official version of the LCDB have been removed from the table that is available here.


Click here to download a PDF of instuctions on using the Query form.


Click here to display the Query form.