CALL: Asteroid Photometry Sites

In addition to checking the CALL pages, you should check the sites below to see if the asteroid in question has or is being studied.


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Raoul Behrend (Geneva Observatory)
Vladimir Benishek (Belgrade Astronomical Observatory)
Jim Brinsfield (Via Capote Observatory)
Russ Durkee (Shed of Science Observatory)
Hamanowa Astronomical Observatory
David Higgins (Hunters Hill Observatory)
Robert Koff (Antelope Hills Observatory)
Julian Oey (Leura Observatory)
Larry Robinson (Sunflower Observatory)
Frederick Pilcher (Organ Mesa Observatory)
Petr Pravec (Ondrejov Observatory)
Robert Stephens (Santana Observatory)
Brian Warner (Palmer Divide Observatory)


If you know of other pages that have catalogs of asteroid lightcurves or parameters, please send e-mail to Brian Warner.