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Sometimes it's not possible for a single station to get enough data to determine the lightcurve parameters, e.g., the asteroid has a period very near 24 hours, weather conditions, equipment breakdown, etc., and so observations are needed from other stations to complete the lightcurve.

To notify other observers that you are working an asteroid that might otherwise be selected. This allows them to chose another target or contact you about the work you are doing. 

To broadcast a general query to see if a given asteroid is already being worked. A response or lack should not be used as the sole factor but one of several in determining whether or not to work the asteroid.

Please be Kind!

Don't place notifications on asteroids you don't intend to work.

Try to aviod those asteriods that have been "reserved," at least until you've contacted the person who posted the "Being Worked Notification." See if they want to form a collaborations. There are thousands of asteroids that need work. Avoid duplication where and when possible.

If you reserved an asteroid and aren't able to start or finish it, edit your notification to ask for a collaboration or delete it so others will feel free to work it.
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