Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link (CALL)

Welcome to the CALL Web Site

The purpose of the CALL web site is to allow those doing asteroid photometry and lightcurve work to to coordinate their efforts so that the best use of observing time can be made and to keep the asteroid community informed in a timely way.

Check, then Observe
Please use the Search page before you start work on a target, not after you have several sessions. This can help avoid unneccesary duplication.


Some times duplication is good because the period cannot be effectively covered by one station or those of similar longitude. However, some times that single station can and does cover those more difficult objects by sticking with it a little longer. In the meantime, there are thousands of asteroids within reach of backyard telescopes that have no lightcurve parameters at all and dozens that are wanting only good coverage at one more apparition for modeling.


The CALL site's value as an observing tool is up to the observers. If used effectively, we all benefit as does asteroid research. If poorly used or abused then, like any tool, it eventually breaks and tossed aside.


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Lightcurve Targets NEW! Static lists have been replaced with three tables that store the potential target lists for the previous, current, and next year (next year available after November of current year.

You can now select targets and generate ephemerides based on year/month as well as limiting the range of magnitudes and declination. The underlying tables are linked to other CALL site tables so that the target lists show the latest status on whether or not a notification and/or submission has bee posted.
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